Meet Andrew Ferrel


National Imagery Manager within Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Job description

Work with Local and Central Government agencies to advance the National Imagery Coordination Programme. The aim of the National Imagery Coordination Programme is to have a coordinated approach to aerial and satellite imagery purchase, and improve access and use of Government imagery.

Work background

I have been at LINZ since January 2005. I have worked in customer facing roles throughout this time, particularly in the Imagery, topographic and Landonline areas. I have worked on the National Imagery Coordination Programme since its inception.

Prior to working for LINZ I spent 4 years in the key accounts, and production planning areas for Fonterra.

Favourite parts of the job

  • I really enjoy meeting and dealing with people from all around New Zealand.
  • I also get to see awesome images of the most beautiful country in the world on a daily basis.

Least favourite parts of the job

Cloudy summer days – because no imagery gets captured on them.


Bachelor of Science – Victoria University

Interests outside of work

  • Spending time with my wife Mereama and our kids Chase, Petra, and Tayla. 
  • Camping at the beach.

Watch the video where Andrew talks about his work (13Mb mp4 file).